McReynolds Family


Johne and Catherine McIlstalker MacRannald

John McReynolds

born August 1665 in Keppoch, Highlands of Scotland. 1st married Mary Preston, she died in 1713. In June 1714 John married Elizabeth Shepphard, daughter of Solomon Shepphard. John was in the Siege of Derry, later served in the Scottish Regiment, 92th Regiment of Foot as a Lt.

Joseph McReynolds

born 1715 in Killyman, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. He married Sarah Dixon in 1736. Sarah was the daughter of John and Janet Kennedy Dixon. The Quaker records in County Tyrone show's they left for America is 1737. John Dixon died at sea going to America in 1740. Janet Kennedy Dixon died in 1740.

Robert McReynolds

was born on the ship to America in 1737.

James McReynolds

born Mar. 20,1764 in Caswell County, N.C. He married Luncinda Fleming

Martha McReynolds Hill

married Benjamin Hill
The information above was on the web and research that someone else had done on the McReynolds Family. The only thing I can prove at this point is that Martha McReynolds was married to Benjamin Hill and that her father was James McReynolds. The information is interesting to read.